Swirl 400Bereavement

Death remains a much under-discussed topic in many schools, communities and families - yet we will all die. The subject is often considered morbid or unhealthy to dwell upon. Organised religions and faiths appear to have the monopoly on the subject of death - whilst this may be comforting, it can equally serve to distance the bereaved from their own feelings. Accordingly, we and our children remain 'protected' but sadly ill prepared for bereavement, so it comes as an initiation into a seemingly absurd and fearful place. William Worden's Child Bereavement Study (1996) found anger to be the main emotional response of bereaved children. Bereavement undermines our sense of security in the world and brings an anxious, repetitive reminder of our own mortality. Bereavement needs space, care and time. 

The Dramatherapy Space works with young people, families, schools and charities. Therapeutic bereavement groups provide space, whether that be to rage or cry, to laugh or to dance! We meet in the cleared space that bereavement brings and connect with our bereavements and with each other. Bereavement groups are often places of shared stories, spontaneity and incubation. When the time is ready, the group finds ways to birth creativity and continuity. Bereavement, though a painful and difficult time, can eventually become a life-changing and life-enhancing event leading to re-birth and resolve.

The Dramatherapy Space also works with schools and organisations to provide educational and experiential bereavement workshops. They can serve as a container into this difficult but potentially inspiring and transformative part of life. Please get in touch by the Contact Us page.

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