box2 400What is a dramatherapy session like?

Dramatherapy sessions begin with a Check-In - a showing or telling of where or what one is. This is not necessarily with words, sometimes with sounds or movement can work better. Whether that is confused, angry or ecstatic - animal, alien or mundanely human, we start with an invitation to share. 

Then we warm up. This can be done with words or with the moving body, the therapist is guided by the client or the group. In warming up we release and slowly let go of usual, habitual ways of being. We warm up to relax, to allow and to play. There's an invitation towards impulse and spontaneity. There's space to express and to let go. 

The Main Event of the session involves taking a step, sometimes a risk or surrender. Maybe to say something new, to somebody that isn't there. Maybe to dance or scream, to flop, drop or explode. It often involves change - becoming a Titan, a flower or a drawing pin! Maybe to do less but BE more. The step is yours and you cannot get it wrong. There's no test, no audience, only us in the space. Drama, play and dance brings a flow which, if we allow it, takes its own direction.   

The session ends with a return. We return back to the here and now, back to ourselves, albeit with a different or altered perspective. Reflections are invited, but talking may not make sense now, it may not have to. A simple ritual can help to depart from the space, saying what we'll take and what we'll let go.  

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